Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why do you give?


Anonymous said...

I completely agree that when you give a gift to someone that it should be just that... a gift for them to do with as they want and no strings attached--a blessing. However, what about the friend or family member who is always in need because of not being responsible with their money. We shouldn't "enable them" either (ie. rent/food vs drinking or BINGO).

Dave said...

I would agree that we need to be careful of "enabling", but we must be careful we don't fall right back into judging what someone has done with our GIFT. We either feel led to give to this person or we don't.

One consideration could be is this person "in NEED" or "in WANT". To me, food & rent are NEEDS, whereas drinking & bingo are WANTS. I don't think we necessarily have to support someone else's WANTS - and yet we come back to the point of the blog - if we feel led to give - then give. We're responsible for our part and don't need to judge what others do or don't do with the gift.

Great food for thought and I feel another blog coming :-0.