Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Too many stories?

I’m filtering through the seemingly endless e-mails I get from all of the spiritual leadership gurus. These are the people who have “succeeded” in church-world and are willing to share their “how I did it” stories so we can all attempt to copy them.

Of course, most of the podcasts, articles, blogs, etc. start with the typical “Don’t copy us” statement. So, why do we copy them? And why print or post their stories? I think we all like to hear the “good news” stories regarding churches and ministries and that’s great. But, really, why do we chase these “formulas”?

Here’s my take (and why I’ve done it so long myself) – our personal connection with God is weak (I was going to say “sucks” but my wife hates that word). Yet, it’s true. We’re living based on someone else’s connection with God (at least we assume they’re connected).

Here’s an idea – read the stories for a “pump me up” and then get into the Bible and find a quiet place to ask God, “Father, what do You want to do that You can only do through me?” If we believe God has uniquely created each of us, then we must believe He has a unique plan tailored specifically for us.

I gotta go – I’ve gotta ask God something! :-)



Anonymous said...

You really hit the nail on the head for me this morning!!

“Father, what do You want to do that You can only do through me?” If we believe God has uniquely created each of us, then we must believe He has a unique plan tailored specifically for us.

Thanks … I needed to hear that! That’s getting real and personal!

If I don’t do IT, IT won’t get done + if He wants IT done, then IT must be important = I better find out what IT is and do IT!

Gotta go ask him something, too!!

Dave said...

Hey bb,

Some would probably argue we're getting into trying to work our way into heaven, but that's not it at all. Thankfully, we know our spot in heaven is reserved becuase of our relationship with and faith in Christ. Yet, if we're still roaming around here on earth, there must be reason.

Let's find that reason and live it for all we're worth!

Anonymous said...


Or how bout, there's not really a defined reason for our roamings, just the potential for our presence to make a difference and that we must stay prepared to have an impact if opportunities present themselves.

As for following the blueprints that diagram others'flawed connections, maybe physics holds some insights. The path of least resistance. Pour water down a hill. What happens? It will follow the path established by water that went before it (unless you're somewhere that has never had water before and if that's the case, I hope you're not wasting what you brought, cause you're likely to get thirsty if there's no other water around).

When the new water reaches the end of the path forged by the old water, one of two things happens.

If the water does not have sufficient momentum to continue past whatever obstacle has blocked its progress, it pools, soaks in and disappears.

However, if sufficient momentum and volume exist then the new water forges a new path.

Maybe others' challenges (for calling them failures implies their lack of utility) really provide others opportunity to develop more effective connections more efficiently and the question becomes, not why others failed but how do we ensure adequate momentum to continue past the obstacles others have encountered.

I love the blog idea.

hugs and kisses,


Dave said...

WHAT?? Senor, have you been in the Tequilla again?

Actually, I do get what your saying. Although, I think we have to be a bit more presistent and a lot less status quo.

God says in Jeremiah 29:13 & 14 - "If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me."

Admittedly, I often prefer the path of least resistance, but it's a pretty boring path.

So, how's Salt Lake these days?