Monday, July 07, 2008

Family Reunions

During the last week of June, my family and I enjoyed a family reunion at my parent’s house.

It was great!

Seeing so many of our family members (all of us growing up – well, physically anyway). There’s something about coming together with family. We have different interests, different views on some things, and even different spiritual beliefs, but we are still family – and we enjoy being together!

I realize not everyone has an earthly family like this – and that makes me sad.

The same can be true for our spiritual families – some get along, others don’t – but we are still family.

However, there’s one huge difference when it’s all said and done – when we have our final (and eternal) family reunion with the Father – all that divides us will be no more. That reunion will be incredible! If you can attempt to picture a family reunion with no “under-currents,” no “issues,” just a time of celebration and authentic love, then you’ll begin to see just a glimpse of what heaven will be like.

I’ve heard heaven described as sitting around all day on clouds playing harps, and frankly, that really doesn’t interest me at all. But I’ve also heard it described as a place where we are able to enjoy a real life free from all of the sin and hate that occupies our relationships here on earth.

Now, that’s exciting!

Thankfully, I do enjoy my earthly family reunions, but I can’t wait to be a part of the eternal reunion because of my personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


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