Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Christmas - In Review

How was your Christmas?

Really – how was your Christmas?

I just finished listening to a guy talking about what Christmas has become – and he was right on target.

He used an illustration of a For Sale Sign in a front yard that in big letters across the bottom said:


He went on to describe how we really need to plant this sign in the “front yard” of our lives – REDUCED!

Less pace for more peace!

Was this Christmas a time of more peace or more pace? You see, it’s one or the other.

How about your life in January – post-Christmas? Peaceful?

If not, why not? What’s in your life that needs to be REDUCED?

Here’s my short list:

REDUCE my “busy-ness” --
o Don’t waste time on the unimportant (I really don’t have to figure out every detail);
o Some things really can be done tomorrow – go home and spend some time with my family;
o When it’s family time – BE THERE – too often I’m in the house, but I’ve made myself busy (like….right now).

My biggest problem is I’m a “doer.” If I’m not doing something I get nervous. I’m praying that I can get a handle on my “busy-ness addiction.” I truly am addicted to “doing.” I need to learn how to shut down – relax – enjoy people (especially my family).

How about you? Where do you need to post your REDUCED sign?

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Jeri said...

OK--this is the 4th thing that I have heard about "business" in the past week.... I think I'm starting to get the message :-)