Monday, February 11, 2008

Did God create His own religion?

That was the question that came up at our house church this weekend. I have some thoughts, but I'd like to read your thoughts first. So, reply on the "Comments" below.

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Anonymous said...

No, I do not believe that GOD has tried to creat his own religion. There are many religions in the world. All refer to a "Higher Being", "Creator", or "Great Spirit", etc. Many have "prophets".

While each religion has it's individual Deity, there does seem to be some "Universal Laws" that transend the doctrines. God gave man "free will", this would support the inception of different religions. However, there are remote civilizations that have concepts of a "Higher Being", "Creator", or "Great Spirit", without written doctrine. This supports the idea that all are spiritual and linked by a common belief that we were created by something greater than ourselves.

So I believe that God did not creat His own religion, but He did creat man and in His own image.

Dave said...

Hey Anonymous! Thanks for your thoughts. I have posted my thoughts in a new blog entry on 2/19/08. I'd love to "hear" what you think about my thoughts.