Friday, February 29, 2008

American Idol

An interesting thing hit me the other night as my wife and kids were watching American Idol. I do catch bits and pieces (especially if I like the song they’re singing), but I cannot say I’m an avid fan.

Anyway, what I was thinking about is which of the “judges” is the most credible?

While Randy can be pretty up front, he usually sugar coats his critique a bit. I’m convinced Paula’s up there just to make everyone feel better (even those who can’t sing at all). And the man everyone loves to hate – Simon – is probably also the one whose opinion matters the most. Why?

Because he tells it like it is. I think he can be over the top and doesn’t always know when enough is enough, but the bottom line is, what Simon says (ha, that’s punny) really does carry the most weight.

So, what’s my point? Those who just lay it out there will usually have the most influence. As per my last post, I think we can “lay it out there” in a loving way, but lay it out there we must (if we want people to truly hear us).

I’d much rather deal with a few barbs from someone who I know will shoot straight with me, then be with someone who I never really know what they’re thinking (that gets really frustrating). Personally, I need to find the courage to just speak the truth and make sure my motives are pure so I can do it in love.



Anonymous said...

if you have watched idol every season you would know simons opinion doesnt really matter. he hated both kely clarkson and especially taylor hicks (he never gave taylor a good review), but they both won

Dave said...

I'll have to take your word for it - as I said, I'm not an avid watcher. However, from an "outsiders" perspective it seems like everyone holds their breath waiting to see if Simon liked it. Maybe they're just waiting to see how rude he'll be, yet when he does give a positive response there seems to be a much bigger celebration.

In the end, it's just a nationwide popularity contest and none of the judges really have much say in the results.

I appreciate your perspective!

Try not to miss my actual point - I prefer to have people in my life who will tell it like it is - the good, the bad and the ugly. At least I'm not having to try and guess how they feel about things.