Sunday, March 02, 2008

Poll Results

The results from our last poll:

Is church relevant in you life?

54% - Oh yeah - a lot
34% - A littel - sometimes
9% - Nope - not at all

My new poll question is now up on the right sidebar.


Melissa said...

I was reading your poll and I picked the best choice out of the four. But my spouse would have been my first choice. Even if sometimes I will talk to a friend first about certain things, when it comes down to the important stuff there's no one I trust more than my husband.

Dave said...

Hey Melissa! Thankful Jeri told me the same thing when she read it :-).

Although I cannot say it was intentional, my line of thought was who do we turn to outside of our family for support?

I agree our spouses should be first, but I think we need more than just one person in our lives that we can trust at this level.