Monday, November 10, 2008

I Agree with Satan

Did that title get your attention? I guess I should explain.

I often talk with people who tell me how whenever they feel like maybe they could really step out and be used by God, they “hear” Satan whisper in their ear all the reasons why God could never use them.

While it’s not an audible voice, it’s just that reminder of past failures – bad decisions, sinful actions, abusive words, whatever it is that make them feel… well… useless and unworthy.

Here’s my advice – agree with Satan. Your “conversation” may go something like this…

After Satan mentions something from your past – simply say, “You know what, you’re right! I did do that. No doubt about it that was a really stupid decision.”

But, if you’ve made the decision to follow Christ, that’s not the end of the dialogue. Because then you can also point Satan’s attention to the Cross of Jesus Christ and remind him that all those past failures are why you praise God for the Cross! Remember, the Cross is payment in full for those stupid and sinful things we have all done.

You should see the look on Satan’s face when you remind him of the rest of the story!!

Okay, you can’t really see his face, but it would be great if you could!

Never allow Satan to steal the power of the Cross in your life. Because he really can’t steal it, he can only hope you forget about it.

So, next time Satan attempts to pull you down with your own past – simply agree, point him to the Cross, and step out and allow God to do all He wants to do in your life!



MM said...

That is right on... thanks for sharing! :)

Dave said...


I appreciate you stopping by the blog and taking the time to give me your thoughts.

Have a great Christmas!