Sunday, December 24, 2006

Reality Check

This is actually three days ago as our internet has been down...

Okay, so I’m feeling pretty good about getting more involved with my community this Christmas Season. Helping people I haven’t helped before – being more aware of the less fortunate around me and thanking God for using me in this way this year. And, if I’m honest, feeling a bit proud of myself.

I’m headed out to an appointment this morning, feeling a bit hurried, facing a 45 minute drive to a client’s office. I merge into an open lane and the car in front of me merge’s over into the same lane – and then proceeds to hit his breaks slowing way down. I hit my brakes so as not to totally ruin my day and I figure he’s going to change lanes. Nope, he hits the brakes again. My thought process was, “Oh, they must be lost – poor people – I’ll patiently wait for them to decide what they want to do.” Yeah, right. No, I’m thinking, “What’s this idiot doing!” So, I pull around them on the passenger side and raise my hand with that look that says, “Hey buddy, what’s your deal.” And hit the gas.

It’s at that point that I recognize the passenger as one of my friends who is working with the new church start. Wait it gets better. Remember I just hit the gas. I turn to see the light turning yellow and then red as I speed through the intersection.

Now I’m wondering – who was driving the car my friend is in. Probably a co-worker who he’s been telling all about this great church we’re starting, right? I can hear him explaining – “Oh, yeah, well that’s Dave – he’s one of our Pastors – he’s a real nice guy. Just ignore everything you just saw.”


Thankfully, the driver was his son who I’m sure will have a great time retelling this story – I used to be his Youth Pastor – uggg. I’m really glad I didn’t give him the “#1 driver” sign (I haven't used that in probably 15 years and I'm really glad I didn't start then).

By the way, my cell phone rang a few seconds later. Of course it was my friend just letting me know how proud he is of me for running the light.

Actually, I’m grateful it was them. I think God was using them to show me how quickly I can become self-centered again. It was His way of saying, “Dave, I’m glad you’re starting to see what I want you to do with your life, but there’s still some rough edges we need to work on.”

Another great lesson on the road of life.

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