Saturday, December 30, 2006

Virginia Tech

As a graduate of Virginia Tech all of my attention is on tonight's Bowl Game against Georgia. So, I want you all to be praying that Tech wins!

Does that seem a bit crazy to you? Should we really pray for our team to win a game? Are there no Christians associated with the other team? And, if there are, whose prayer should God answer - theirs or ours?

The Bible says God does not show favorites, but it also says pray without ceasing and to pray about everything.

Here are my thoughts - I don't think God really cares about who wins the game tonight - but He still loves for us to invite Him to join us as we cheer. Prayer is not a way we manipulate God, it's the way we enjoy a relationship with our Father.

Honestly, whether Tech wins or loses won't really affect my life one way or the other - but the relationship I enjoy with God has eternal benefits.

So, should we pray for our team to win? Sure, but it's about loving God and making Him part of your day. And our team’s winning or losing is not a reflection of God's love for us - it's just a game. But, the relationship we build will reveal His love for us in incredible ways throughout this life and the next.

Go Tech...and Go God!

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