Sunday, April 29, 2007

Going Public

Many of you already know that our family and two others have been in the process of starting a church. Since the end of last Summer we have been meeting, planning and praying.

This coming Sunday (May 6th) we are hosting a picnic at a local park. It’s really our first public meeting and we’re not really sure what to expect. We are a very casual church and our vision is to return to doing church as it was done by the early church – a real focus on relationships. More about people, less about programs.

One thing we work hard NOT to do is to judge other churches or other ministries – but we are also clear about what we believe God wants us to do – or more accurately who God wants us to be. We want to be real! This means being open about our own struggles and building relationships with others so we can all help each other.

Our vision is to build life-changing relationships with God, each other and our community. While all three of these relationship areas will always be “works in progress,” our group has been focused on the first two for the better part of a year. We now look forward to being more proactive in building relationships with those in our community.

If you are in the Newport News, Hampton, York County or Williamsburg area and would like to join us on May 6th, please go to our website and let us know (

Whether you would consider yourself a spiritual person or not, I think we would all agree that healthy relationships make life a lot more fun. So, wherever you are – take some time this week and focus your attention on the people around you – see if you can develop a more authentic relationship – you’ll be glad you did!

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