Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Thoughts on VT

As we all continue to go through the array of emotions that follow something like the shootings at VT, it's natural that we will be a different places emotionally.

Some of you are very angry;
Some are deeply grieved;
Some of you are still in shock;
Some of you are already beginning to tire of the news and move on.

And there are many many more places you may be emotionally. All of this is natural and normal.

But here's a thought: for a society who seems to continue to move further away from ideas such as - there is an absolute truth - we sure seem to all agree how horrible Cho's actions were. Maybe I should explain that a little more. We live in a world where many people have come to the conclusion there is no one truth. What works for you is fine for you, it may or may not work for me and that's okay.

But if this is true (or is there no such things as absolute truth - hmm), then why would we all agree that the actions of Cho are so wrong, so evil? My point is simply this - there is a right and wrong, there is good and evil, there is absolute truth. Therefore, as we continue to mourn and to slowly heal, will we recognize that there is such a thing as truth? And will we allow ourselves to think about the One who is Truth.

As we've seen across the country and the world - spirituality is alive and well. People who barely know each other gather together for prayer. It's times like these that we will either blame God or lean on God (sometimes both).

In my own personal life tragedies - I've found that while it's easy to blame God, the truth is God is love, God grieves over evil, and God is able to provide comfort far greater then we think is possible. I believe our natural emotions are God-given and therefore, we do not need to ignore them or supress them. At the same time, we can find peace that passes understanding in a God who truly cares.

Gather close to family and friends and let them know you love them. And draw close to God and He we draw close to you.


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