Friday, November 03, 2006

Writing a Book???

I've always (even when I was 6 months old :-) ) thought about writing a book, but I never really had the energy to figure out HOW to do that. I mean the writing part I get, but all those numbers and stuff on the copyright page - that's just scary.

So, yesterday I was meeting with a lady who I had done some accounting work for in the past. She wanted some information on starting a business. Of course, my first question is always, "What type of business are you starting?" She said, "I'm a publisher." ;-0

Yeah, so anyway, we talked a little about record keeping and all that really boring stuff and then we talked a lot about publishing. Well, she's encouraging me to write a book. The cynic in me says, of course, I think the publisher gets paid whether a single book is sold or not. But the that's-so-crazy-it-just-might-work part of me says - go for it!

So, yeah, I'm thinking about writing a book. I just wish I had something worthwhile to say :-)


kenandpeg said...

Go for it! You have a lot of insite and I'd like to hear some of it. I'm sure you'll have many fans who would like to hear your thoughts so they could emulate you. I think you're special..


bb said...

From one writer-wanabe to another ... awesome how God opens doors ... if He's opened the door, He'll certainly give you something to say ... keep listening to Him!

Dave said...


You do have a wonderful gift in writing. Maybe I should get you together with my friend. I'd be happy to introduce you to her.